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Exceptional Training and Consulting Services for First Responders

We are a dedicated, independent company focused on providing First Responders the most up-to-date, relevant, and easy to understand training available. We want you to be prepared for any situation you might face.

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Helping First Responders Save Lives

We know the value of exceptional quality

CAS-Tek LLC is a company dedicated to being a sound investment in the safety and security of our First Responders. We are integrally invested in this goal, working daily to develop innovative solutions to problems in the First Responder Community.

Passion is what drives us

CBRNE specialists' primary responsibility is to ensure their unit is trained and ready to survive and operate

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Innovative consulting
and training solutions for First Responders

The first time you meet your partners in a CBRNE response, should not be when the world is on fire. CAS-Tek LLC provides realistic CBRNE exercises, and the building blocks to ensure your teams are successful, during those engagements, to strengthen your Responders’ confidence in themselves and in their equipment. Our training and exercises will challenge your teams and test your partner networks so they are ready when disaster strikes.

Global team of professionals dedicated to helping First Responders stay safe in dangerous conditions.

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